Running a DHT (ETCD) in a cluster using docker

by Olivier Barais     docker  

Posted 2014.08.12 — Rennes, France

I am just playing using docker and etcd.

To create a distributed dht within a cluster using etcd and docker. I create a container based on ubuntu. I just add the go language git and etcd. If you want to play with it you can pul it

docker pull barais/etcd

and start your three containers.

sudo docker run -p 4001:4001 -p 7001:7001 -t -i barais/etcd   /etcd/bin/etcd -peer-addr -addr  -data-dir machines/machine1 -name machine

sudo docker run -p 4002:4002 -p 7002:7002 -t -i barais/etcd   /etcd/bin/etcd -peer-addr -addr  -peers, -data-dir machines/machine2 -name machine2

sudo docker run -p 4003:4003 -p 7003:7003 -t -i barais/etcd   /etcd/bin/etcd  -peer-addr -addr -peers, -data-dir machines/machine3 -name machine3

Next step: doing the same thing using kubernetes.

To follow …