Quick and dirty integration of JQuery module with AngularJS

by Olivier Barais     angularjs   jquery  

Posted 2015.01.28 — Rennes, France

This morning, I have to integrate a JQuery libs with angularJS. Of course, the propper way to do it is the use of directives but I have to do it quickly.

In JQuery, we often use the document.ready function to know if the dom is ready to be handled by JQuery. Of course, it does not work with AngularJs. Nevertheless, in the controler, you can easily add

function myController($scope) {
    $scope.$on('$viewContentLoaded', function(){/*your code here*/});

In my case, I obtain the following code for integrating this lib.

'use strict';

    .controller('MainController', function ($scope, Principal) {
        Principal.identity().then(function(account) {
            $scope.account = account;
            $scope.isAuthenticated = Principal.isAuthenticated;
        $scope.$on('$viewContentLoaded', function(){
          function blackNote() {
            return $(document.createElement('span')).
              addClass('black circle note')

            $.each($('#nutmeg span.note').seralizeAnnotations(), function(){
              console.log('x: ' + this.x + ' y: ' + this.y + ' response_time: ' + this.response_time + 'ms');



Of course, it is better to use angularjs directives – that would be the cleanest way of solving this problem. The proposed solution will work but isn’t very ‘Angular’.