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Integration api-platform and angularjs 2

by Olivier Barais     api-platform symfony3 angularjs ng2 angularjs2

Posted 2017.02.03 — Rennes, France

Even if I prefer to use Spring Boot as a basis for the the server stack and JHipster to generate the apps skeleton, I often have to use Php framework for students projects. This blog post explains how you can integrate api-platform, a PHP framework to build modern web APIs built on top symfony 3, and angularJS 2 with angular cli for building Single Page Application.

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Quick and dirty integration of JQuery module with AngularJS

by Olivier Barais     angularjs jquery

Posted 2015.01.28 — Rennes, France

This morning, I have to integrate a JQuery libs with angularJS. Of course, the propper way to do it is the use of directives but I have to do it quickly.

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