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Play with curl to test generated JHipster application API

by Olivier Barais     jhipster swagger curl authentification

Posted 2017.04.12 — Rennes, France

I often used JHipster to create my Rest API. I often want to test this API using curl.
However, if you tak the curl command line method from swagger, it always misses the authentification mechanism.

To manage this authentification, you can use the following commands.

If you use oauth:

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JHipster and Software Engineering teaching

by Olivier Barais     jhipster software engineering

Posted 2015.03.20 — Rennes, France

I am a fan of the JHipster framework. Recently, through a discussion with Jean-Marc Jézéquel, we decide to use it as a support for teaching advanced concepts in Software Engineering and Sofware Architecture at the University of Rennes 1 in a flip classroom.

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Some tips for JHipster

by Olivier Barais     jhipster

Posted 2015.01.28 — Rennes, France

I really like JHipster project. The server stack is clean and ready for production

  • Spring Boot for easy application configuration
  • Maven or Gradle configuration for building, testing and running the application
  • “development” and “production” profiles (both for Maven and Gradle)
  • Spring Security
  • Spring MVC REST + Jackson
  • Optional WebSocket support with Spring Websocket
  • Spring Data JPA + Bean Validation
  • Database updates with Liquibase
  • MongoDB support if you’d rather use NoSQL instead of a classical relational database

Ready to go into production:

  • Monitoring with Metrics
  • Caching with ehcache (local cache) or hazelcast (distributed cache)
  • Optional HTTP session clustering with hazelcast
  • Optimized static resources (gzip filter, HTTP cache headers)
  • Log management with Logback, configurable at runtime
  • Connection pooling with HikariCP for optimum performance
  • Builds a standard WAR file or an executable JAR file

and the client part is also clean

Single Web page application:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • Full internationalization support with Angular Translate
  • Optional WebSocket support with Spring Websocket

With the great Yeoman development workflow:

  • Easy installation of new JavaScript libraries with Bower
  • Build, optimization and live reload with Grunt or Gulp.js
  • Testing with Karma and PhantomJS

For me, it mainly misses some entity code geenrator that use TypeScript.

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